Development Of Pressure Vessel Industry

Affected by economic globalization and increasing labor costs, the focus of the world's manufacturing industry is gradually shifting to the Asia-Pacific region. As the most widely accepted and applied pressure vessel standard in the world, American ASME certification has been studied and promoted by more and more enterprises in my country. According to the statistics of China Chemical Equipment Association, in 2007, there were 260 ASME-licensed manufacturers in my country, an increase of 33% over the previous year; as of June 2009, this number had increased to 390, ranking second in the world. Among them, the number of licensed enterprises in Jiangsu Province is the largest number of 126. After years of development, my country's manufacturing industry has already possessed a considerable scale and strength foundation, providing a realistic possibility for foreign countries to transfer equipment manufacturing to my country. On the basis of introduction, absorption, digestion and innovation, we have developed new technologies and new processes suitable for my country's national conditions, trained a large number of technical backbones and experienced managers, and possessed the core competitiveness of opening up domestic and foreign markets.