Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Process

The pressure vessel manufacturing process can generally be divided into: raw material acceptance process, scribing process, cutting process, derusting process, machining (including edge planing, etc.) process, rolling process, assembly process, welding process (product welding test plate) , Non-destructive testing process, hole marking process, general inspection process, heat treatment process, pressure test process, anti-corrosion process. Different welding methods have different welding processes. The welding process is mainly determined according to the material, brand, chemical composition of the welded workpiece, the structure type of the weldment, and the welding performance requirements. We must first determine the welding method, such as manual arc welding, submerged arc welding, argon tungsten arc welding, MIG welding, etc. There are many types of welding methods, which can only be selected according to specific conditions. After the welding method is determined, the welding process parameters are formulated. The types of welding process parameters are different. For example, manual arc welding mainly includes: electrode type (or brand), diameter, current, voltage, welding power source type, polarity connection method, and welding The number of layers, channels, inspection methods, etc.