Restart In 2020

 For the suddenly epidemic of COVID-19, we have to stay home in these Special Chinese Spring Festival.


After we got the permission to back to working, Lanxing staff keeping an brave heart with actively working attitude to start our new days in 2020.


Tower before pressure testing


Centrifugal compressor products(for Steel factory in South Asia)



-High pressure Damper

During these special time, the sales of Lanxing also keep the close  touch with our client, use all the time we can use for the producing ,try to make up the time which we lose in the shut down by the COVID-19.

By our effort, the tower projects, high pressure damper, and export compressor coolers, all delivery on time.


 Oil cooler for Gas station(U stamp)


40m³ Jacket n-pentane stroage stank is our 1st delivery product in 2020


Wuxi lanxing pressure vessel Co.,Ltd, wish you have a good luck and good healthy in 2020.