Say good bye to 2020, moving on in 2021


Wuxi Lanxing Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd.(lanxinig Vessel), founded in 2007, the predecessor was founded in 1996 in wuxi lanxing compressor equipment co., LTD., factory and office are located in Wuxi high-tech development zone,  new district (district), we are a unit with design, development, production and global sales Pressure Vessel  Pressure Vessel, the Heat Exchanger , compressor, auxiliary machinery and chemical equipment advanced special equipment manufacturing enterprises, and has the global certification (A1A2, GB and ASME "NB", "U",PED, etc.),we has four subsidiaries, including lanxing Pressure Vessels and Anhui Tangsheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and is one of the leading enterprises producing auxiliary products of air compressors area in China.

After 25 years of development, blue star has become a professional supplier to provide stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy material, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, non-standard pieces of the blanking, machining, welding manufacturing products supporting and technical service of form a complete set of advanced manufacturing enterprise integrated with the leading technology as the guide, improving technology and quality, service, efficiency, build form a complete set of professional manufacturing integrated services platform.



Processing workshop/warehouse




Different material&standard heat exchanger tubes sheet





In the difficult year of 2020, with long-term stable cooperation with host manufacturers, lanxing pressure vessel sales of screw compressors heat exchanger, oil-free and centrifugal compressor heat exchanger more than 4,000 units per year. Conventional heat exchanger is growing steadily, while non-standard customized container heat exchanger is growing at different rates.



Chinese producing industry is an area which need to pay more time and patient to insist and stay,we insist ,even tough.