Wuxi Lanxing Pressure Vessel History And Brand Upgrade


Wuxi Lanxing Pressure Vessel Co., LTD. ( referred as:LANXING Vessel), Established in 2007, the predecessor was founded in 1996 in wuxi lanxing compressor equipment co., ltd., our factory and office are located in national high-tech development zone, wuxi new district,, we are a design, development, producing and global sales Pressure Vessel (LanXing/PressureVessel), Heat Exchanger (LanXing/Heat Exchanger), compressor accessories and chemical equipment advanced special equipment manufacturing enterprises, and has the global certification (A1A2, GB and ASME "NB", "U",PED, which has four subsidiaries under its control, such as Lanxing Pressure Vessel and Anhui Tangsheng Industry Co., LTD., we are one of the leading company of air compressor accessories in China.





In March 2020, Lanxing Vessel commissioned professional brand design agency to upgrade and build new brand. Lanxing vessel is committed to facing the market with a younger, professional and reliable brand image. Since then, the new LOGO will be applied to the Chinese and English logos and various publicity titles of each product of lanxing pressure vessel, so that Lanxing pressure vessel can unify the brand concept and spirit in the world, and provide a consistent brand identification system.



This new LOGO quotes Bauhaus design concept, the new vitality to express the simple brand proposition, so as to present a more international, modern and leading temperament.The powerful LOGO is a unique and powerful super symbol "L" formed by the deformation of the letters "L" and "X", which is surrounded by a square representing trust and stability, in which the diamond inherited the original LOGO shape of blue star, keeping the emotional connection with the original customers.The super symbol "LX" forms the unique memory point of Lanxing LOGO design.


Color system adjustment and compared with the old version, the color saturation of the new logo has been greatly improved, "Lanxing blue" to more eye-catching and intuitive, enhance the brand personality, symbolizing Lanxing brand personality spectrum of innovation, courage, firmness, ingenuity brand temperament.



New brand visual identification

With the development of the enterprise, the new LOGO will be gradually and comprehensively applied in the global market of Lanxing in the future.