15L Mini Fridge Heater & Cooler 12V Car Refrigerator

15L Mini Fridge Heater & Cooler 12V Car Refrigerator
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Regeneration Cooler

Regeneration cooler is developed on the basis of the shell and tube heat exchanger. It is built of round tubes mounted in large cylindrical shells with the tube axis parallel to that of the shell. Also it is widely used as gas cooler, condenser and chemical process.

Regeneration Cooler Specifications

- 250 bar(3,626 psi)

- Max. 1,000 kW(3,414,425 BTU/hr)



Air Heater converts electrical energy into heat. The heating element consists of electrical resister and work on the principle of Joule heating.

Its shape and basic operation is similar to that of most shell and tube heat exchanger.

Heater Specifications

- 250 bar(3,626 psi)

- Max. 1,000 kW(3,414,425 BTU/hr)

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