Air Cooler Flue Gas Heat Exchanger, Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger

Air Cooler Flue Gas Heat Exchanger, Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger
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Our large-scale technological innovation, standardized management and sound sales network are the guarantee that we can provide superior Atmospheric Tower discount, High performence refrigeration cooling type Water chiller discount, Tube Fin Heat Exchanger and excellent services to the market. We strive to create an organizational atmosphere and mechanism conducive to innovation. In the current increasingly fierce market competition, our company will continue to strive for improvement, continuously deepen the scientific management of enterprises and improve the scientific and technological content of products. We are committed to provide customers with reasonable prices, quality products and services and to become your most reliable supplier, welcome new and old customers to consult and cooperate. The company has always emphasized the concept of global environmental protection, constantly responding, actively participating, and taking the road of sustainable development.

ASME and ISO9001 certified professional manufacturer of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, Wuxi LanXing Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi city, eastern China.


We specialize in designing and manufacturing all kinds of pressure vessels and heat exchangers: storage vessel, separation vessel, reaction vessel, heat exchanging vessel, etc.



- Product application: Oil and gas, Refinery, Chemical, Air Compressor, etc.

- Material option: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Cooper, Alloy, Titanium, etc.

- Main equipments: Roller, Welding Machine, Pressure testing facility, etc.

- Payment: Telex transfer, Letter of credit, etc.

- Project reference: Heat exchanger for Linda Gas, Pressure vessel for BASF, etc.

- Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

- Brand Name: LanXing

- Warranty: 1 year

- After-sale service: Overseas after sale service is available



In order to adapt to the changes in the market, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, meet the diversified needs of customers, our company will be committed to absorbing more professionals, improve the development efforts and technical content and provide high-quality Air Cooler Flue Gas Heat Exchanger, Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger and services for each customer. Our company has always pursued the corporate tenet of 'honesty and truth-seeking, dedicated service', and will do our best to meet customer needs and continuously carry out product innovation and service improvement. Creating value for customers is our goal. We will follow this creed and continue to strive to exceed customers' expectations and gain more value for customers.
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