Braid Reinforced PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Purifier

Braid Reinforced PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Purifier
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Our goal is to maintain the promise of trustworthy quality. Because of this, there is a strict test behind each Natural gas filter separator, Filter, floating head type heat exchanger from the supply of raw materials until the final product launch. We integrate and upgrade the customer relationship management, automated order decomposition, and intelligent warehousing systems. It is a pleasure to have friends from afar. We welcome colleagues from all over the world to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with us. We will further improve the overall function, system and structure of the enterprise, and take on greater responsibilities and responsibilities. We focus on high standards, high efficiency, high quality, and the ability to identify problems and solve them.


-Pre Filter

It filters out moisture, particles and substances from after cooler and/ or separator to prevent contamination of desiccant.

-After Filter

It filters out particles from desiccant and substances in the product line 


It separates condensed water in 100% by generating the centrifugal force in the use of aerodynamic vane in Min. 5 steps and enlarging the inner volume.

Pre – Filter & After-Filter Specifications

-100 to 45,000 SCMH (59 to 26,486 SCFM)

-Maximum number of Particles per m3

[100 to 1,000,000 (0.1~0.5 micron)]

-Total oil: 0.01 to 0.1 mg/m3

-ISO Compressed air purity class: 1~2

LANXING is one of the professional filter manufacturers, who can offer you customized products at competitive price. We also have professional factory, and you are welcomed to buy our high quality filter at a discount.

We continue to provide Braid Reinforced PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Purifier and solutions with independent intellectual property rights for all walks of life. Culture is not only the soul of an enterprise, but also the gene of enterprise longevity. Excellent enterprises accumulate excellent culture, and excellent culture makes excellent enterprises. We have always tried our best to save costs, establish harmonious social relations and assume our own responsibilities when operating.
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