Hanbell Screw Type Compressor Air Cooled Chiller Industrial Chiller

Hanbell Screw Type Compressor Air Cooled Chiller Industrial Chiller
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Dew point drop using freezing cycle

RCI type declines the temperature of compressed air by exchanging heat between chiller that was exchanged in heat with evaporator of freezer and compressed air

It is strong to load variation

Stabel operation is available since freezer is indirectly affected by flux variation (Load variation) by exchanging heat between chiller and compressed air

Dew point: 4°C at pressure

Dew point under 4°at pressure cannot be obtained due to condensed water freezing since the temperature of compressed air is declined using freezing cycle


It separates condensed water in 100% by generating the centrifugal force in the use of aerodynamic vane in min. 5 steps and enlarging the inner volume




Our Hanbell Screw Type Compressor Air Cooled Chiller Industrial Chiller has undergone rigorous performance testing and repeated field testing, which ensures its good quality and stable performance. If you will need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail, fax or telephone. Our company will carry out modern business operations with a complete quality assurance system and excellent after-sales service.
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