Mbr System UF Membrane Unit for Wastewater Treatment

Mbr System UF Membrane Unit for Wastewater Treatment
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We will adhere to the business philosophy that everything is customer-oriented and dedicate our quality U-Tube Shell Tube Heat Exchanger discount, Hydraulic Cooling, High pressure chemical storage tank discount, experience and technology to every customer. We hope to do our best to make due contributions to national economic construction and social harmony. Recalling the past, we will be more confident and serve each new and old customer well. Exhibition of the future, we are full of ambition. Through the extraordinary road of entrepreneurship, we are full of confidence to move towards a new course. Our responsibility is to design and produce highly stable and easy-to-use products to meet the needs of different customers.


-Pre Filter

It filters out moisture, particles and substances from after cooler and/ or separator to prevent contamination of desiccant.

-After Filter

It filters out particles from desiccant and substances in the product line 


It separates condensed water in 100% by generating the centrifugal force in the use of aerodynamic vane in Min. 5 steps and enlarging the inner volume.

Pre – Filter & After-Filter Specifications

-100 to 45,000 SCMH (59 to 26,486 SCFM)

-Maximum number of Particles per m3

[100 to 1,000,000 (0.1~0.5 micron)]

-Total oil: 0.01 to 0.1 mg/m3

-ISO Compressed air purity class: 1~2

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We are committed to provide Mbr System UF Membrane Unit for Wastewater Treatment that is reliable and simple to use relying on our scientific and process management, as well as continuous innovation and improvement. In the rapid development of science and technology in the form of knowledge economy, our management also keeps up with the pace of the times. Our employees have the pioneering spirit of hard work and tenacious struggle, and the pioneering consciousness of self realization and self struggle.
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