Square Stainless/Galvanized/HDG Steel Counter/Cross Flow Closed Circuit/Loop Wet Air/Evaporative/Water Cooling Tower

Square Stainless/Galvanized/HDG Steel Counter/Cross Flow Closed Circuit/Loop Wet Air/Evaporative/Water Cooling Tower
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We are ISO9001, CE, and GS certified and strictly adhere to their quality specifications for Evaporators for refrigeration discount, tube bundle replacement of shell and tube heat exchanger, Tube Fin Heat Exchanger. Perseverance is the requirement of our staff's will quality, our employees not only need ambition, but also the quality of perseverance and perseverance. Internally, we establish key management systems in steps to lay the foundation for building an international business platform and achieving rapid, high-quality business development in the medium to long term.

Lanxing air cooled all-aluminum brazed bar and plate heat exchangers are supplied as a vital component to our mobile and industrial OEMs' products. Our flexible bar and plate construction allows an infinite number of core configurations and sizes, custom designed to your exact requirements with minimal or no tooling costs. Combi-cooler designs are available to cool multiple fluids in a single brazed unit. 


Engine cooling systems

PCR (pre-cooler, cooler, reheater) for refrigerated air dryers

Charge air coolers


Oil coolers

After coolers

Combination coolers

Our bar and plate coolers feature a wide variety of thermally efficient internal and external fin patterns. Fins are laid between aluminum braze sheets and fitted with header and face bars. The assembled unit is placed into one of our modern brazing furnaces where precise control of time and temperature produces a unified core. Manifolds designed to meet each customer's particular piping requirements are welded into place to complete the cooler. We can also supply cores when manifolds already exist or must be fitted in the field. 

These rugged, compact, light-weight units are ideal for both on- and off- highway markets. Lanxing can also add value beyond the component cooler by packaging a complete cooling system consisting of a combination of coolers. 

From small individual coolers to large complex engine cooling systems, API Heat Transfer will design and manufacture the heat transfer solution that's right for you. Our engineering team is continually developing additional fin geometries to improve heat transfer efficiency so we can meet or exceed your expectations.

For help and quoting, Contact´╝Ü lxjt@cn-lxjt.com

LANXING is one of the professional air cooling manufacturers, who can offer you customized products at competitive price. We also have professional factory, and you are welcomed to buy our high quality air cooling at a discount.

Our company produces and sells each Square Stainless/Galvanized/HDG Steel Counter/Cross Flow Closed Circuit/Loop Wet Air/Evaporative/Water Cooling Tower through the professional instrument's precision inspection, the product has the reliable quality assurance. The company adheres to the business policy of honesty, pragmatism, innovation and environmental protection, and constantly improves itself, creates value for customers and contributes to society. We realize that if a business is to gain a competitive advantage and achieve long-term development in today's environment, we need be consumer-centric and use it as a starting point for its operations.
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