Stainless/ Ti/ Smo Plates for Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

Stainless/ Ti/ Smo Plates for Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger
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We adhere to high standards and strict requirements, guarantee the independence of quality supervision, and ensure that each Fin Tube Heat Exchanger discount, Carbon steel pressure vessel, fin tube steam heat exchanger discount meets quality requirements. We hope to fill the market with new mechanisms, new thinking methods and new technologies and eventually get the results. Our company has great advantages in improving productivity, ensuring product quality, reducing cost and labor intensity. In the increasingly fierce market competition, brand resources become a powerful means of enterprise competition, we continue to maintain brand resources, drive our economic development.

Plate Heat Exchangers

Lanxing Plate heat exchangers utilize corrugated plates stacked between a fixed and movable pressure plate. The corrugation patterns alternate for maximum operating pressures. As virtually all of the material is used for heat transfer, plate heat exchangers can have large amounts of effective heat transfer surface in a small footprint. It is not uncommon that a plate heat exchanger will have the same thermal capacity as a shell and tube five times larger. Our plate heat exchangers incorporate superior design features to ensure long-term performance and customer satisfaction.

Plate heat exchangers represent the most compact, rugged and cost-effective means of transferring heat in many industrial, process, and refrigerant applications. It is made of stainless steel 316, plus the copper brazing it has exceptional corrosion resistance. Due to the smaller size and reduced material content, they can be the most economical heat transfer choice.



AISI 304 Stainless Steel (1.4301) 

AISI 316L Stainless Steel (1.4404)

AISI 316TI Stainless Steel (1.4571)

AISI 904 Stainless Steel

SMO 254

Nickel Alloys, pure Nickel, Ti and Ti-Pd Alloy

Thickness: 0.4 mm to 1.15 mm

GasketsStandard: Nitrile Rubber Gasket, EPDM Rubber, Chloroprene Rubber,Exotics HNBR, NBR-HT, FPM/FKM, Butyl, PTFE Coated (SIGMACOAT), Food Industry Certified Gasket, AFM Hard gaskets

Fixation Method: SIGMAFIX Adhesive-free Gasket, or Glued Gasket, Frame Painted Carbon Steel, or Stainless Steel (pure and cladded) Connections Standard: Studded with optional 304/316 liner, (ANSI, DIN) flanges, food stuff connections, Exotics Ti, SMO, Hastelloy, and 904L Codes and Standards of ASME, PED, TUV.

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LANXING is one of the professional plate heat exchangers manufacturers, who can offer you customized products at competitive price. We also have professional factory, and you are welcomed to buy our high quality plate heat exchangers at a discount.

We adopt advanced digital management system and strictly control product quality to ensure stable and reliable quality of Stainless/ Ti/ Smo Plates for Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger. Over the years of operation, we have established an extensive sales network with a number of professional engineering and technical personnel to provide you with strong technical support and guarantee. Only with high-quality employees can we form a high-quality enterprise and grasp the initiative of market competition.
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